Which character class are you?

From robot wreckers to the treasure‐hunters, pyromaniacs to masters of time, you're sure to find the character that's right for you amongst the 15 unique classes. Each class has an arsenal of spells and specialties and their evolution will depend on the way you play.

Turn Based Tactical Combat

In WAKFU, combat is turn-based. Plan your strategy and work with your teammates to defeat the most insidious creatures in the entire World of Twelve. And with each battle won, strengthen your character by choosing to invest in special characteristics.

Rebuild The World

Following the cataclysm of Ogrest's Chaos, the World is in ruins. Everything needs to be restored, so whether you're a fighter, a merchant, or a craftsman, in WAKFU, everything depends on you!

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Select Your Character: masqueraiders
the masqueraiders
lunatic soldier
Hunted for their masks that give them their powers, the Masqueraiders are suspicious of everything. Their real faces are very rarely seen and no-one truly understands their motives: they can appear to be solitary valiant knights or rebels with their own agenda, they can be guided by their faith, by the values or by their feelings...
masqueraiders specialities
Select Your Character: rogue
masters of illusion
Champions as much as they are felons, the Rogues associate intelligence with cunning. Masters in the art of DIY, they use and abuse tools and gadgets to carry out their schemes. At the heart of all this malice, only one thing has any worth in their eyes: family values.
Rogue specialities
Select Your Character: eniripsa
Eniripsas have always been renowned for their talent as healers. A single word whispered through kindly teeth is enough to double the lifespan of a companion. Their knowledge of language is unmatched, and it is even said they speak many tongues forgotten by all other races.
Eniripsa specialities
Select Your Character: iop
go-getting warriors
Iops are renowned for being courageous knights who let their weapons do the talking. Ogrest's Chaos hasn't changed their attitude, either. Loyal to their god, Iops are spirited warriors and formidable protectors. When it comes to defending their strong opinions, Iops have no trouble letting their enemies know exactly how fierce they can...
iop specialities
Select Your Character: sram
sram's shadow
So what are those Srams hiding behind their mysterious masks? No one really knows what they have been up to since Ogrest's Chaos. One thing's for sure though, they're even sneakier than before! Srams are assassins and become particularly dangerous when attacking from the rear.
sram specialities
Select Your Character: cra
Goddess Cra's motto is "Pride and precision". Her disciples specialize in long-range combat, and are archers of the highest order. They make precious allies in battle and are most effective when they keep their distance. The introduction of Beacons has widened the scope of their strategic powers even more.
Cra specialities
Select Your Character: sadida
plant summoners
Many people accuse Sadidas of being tree-huggers, but the truth is worse still! These lazy creatures can't even be bothered to get vertical and stretch their arms around one. They prefer to watch. 'Watch what,' you ask. 'Watch the tree,' they answer. Since Ogrest's tears rained down upon the World of Twelve, Sadidas have been more dedicated to protecting plants than...
sadida specialities
Select Your Character: pandawa
sherpa warriors
What do Pandawas like best? Lifting their pint to the gods with one hand and their friends and enemies in the air with the other. (Usually not at the same time, depending on how many pints they've had). They are excellent fighters and real masters in the art of the right-hook (face-to-face). They're not too bad with an axe either. What most people don't know, though, is that they're just as active with their tongues as they are with...
pandawa specialities
Select Your Character: sacrier
There's no use trying to beat a Sacrier disciple into submission - they like it too much!

In fact, these berserkers only become more powerful with each blow from their enemy! You'll find these strange creatures right where the fighting rages and the blood flows... and this is the warrior comrade that just keeps giving and giving in those...
sacrier specialities
Select Your Character: ecaflip
warrior gamblers
When you're a god, even the roll of a dice is predictable! But for the mere mortals who circle the blackjack tables of the material world hungrily, there is no such luck. And here, it is the Ecaflips who rule over crook, thief and gold-rusher, playing lady luck with supreme skill and recklessness. Ecaflips are used to gambling on chance.
ecaflip specialities
Select Your Character: xelor
temporal magi
In the beginning there were no clocks, no watches, no cuckoos... not so much as a wooden stick stuck in the mud to tell the time with a simple shadow. Until one day, the god Xelor took up his Hammhour which shone with the light of timeless infinity. His great hammer fell upon the earth, and made a funny little noise - 'TICK'. Xelor struck once more, and behold, a ringing 'TOCK' resounded and Xelor saw that it was good.
xelor specialities
Select Your Character: foggernaut
the foggernaut
master in sabotage
Patient, careful, the Foggernauts are waiting for the best moment to take action… and to dent some metal sheet! That’s what makes them the real champions of survival and evolution. Through the centuries, they’ve getting better and better, on both intellectual and physical sides. If we were to summarize their functioning in two words: “performance” and “efficiency” would probably be the best fit.
foggernaut specialities
Select Your Character: feca
Fecas have always been Protectors. This is one class that hasn't changed in the time it took to go from DOFUS to WAKFU - don't expect them to give up whatever treasure they're guarding too easily! And whatever you do, don't mistreat any Gobballs when they're about... they simply can't stand to see their furry friends disturbed in any way, and that goes for all animals.
feca specialities
Select Your Character: osamoda
animal summoners
They don't bat an eyelid at a thundering herd of Minotorors. The terrifying shriek of a Kwak has no effect on them. The howling of a hundred hungry Boowolves is music to their ears... who are they? Osamodas, that's who! The Osamodas you knew from the age of DOFUS have changed a lot in the 1,000 years up to the time of WAKFU.
OSAMODAS specialities
Select Your Character: enutrof
treasure hunters
If you want to make an Enutrof happy, just compare him to the 'Kama Reaper', a character from Enutrof fairy tales who comes to take the richest, greediest ones off to hell... which they love! I have yet to meet someone who wants to make an Enutrof happy though... Enutrofs are the gold rushers of the World of Twelve - ...
Enutrof specialities