Inglourious Riktus
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Equal of the Gods! Event - November 24, 2014
Strange lights, visitors from the stars, an event that affects all eras of the World of Twelve. DISCOVER NEW CLUES HERE!
All adventurers are hereby ordered to report for conscription into their respective Nation’s Militia army.
It's dangerous to go alone! Take these with you
SHOP: Jewels are Forever! Shop - November 11, 2014
Whoever said Love is everlasting, has never had Jewels or Diamonds!
Have you boosted lately? Shop - November 07, 2014
Psst…Hey you, looking for some extra boost to your already boosted boost? I got something you might be interested in
Oh no, this is horrible...this is horrible! Corvun is coming. Corvun is coming!
Ride the steed of bones! Shop - November 04, 2014
Fear the curse of the undead dragoturkey! Or maybe …it just looks like a wicked mount! The Al Howin Harness is a limited mount skin available for the Drago-steed only purchasable this Al Howin
PAX Aus,Here we come! Event - October 30, 2014
Take heed adventurers! With fun activities come ludicrous prizes and MOL cards grant prizes as well.