Steam DLC Pack: Jiva! Shop - December 17, 2014
Receive the blessings of Jiva, the protector of the month of Javain in the World of Twelve!
Class Change Service Shop - December 16, 2014
Do you feel restricted by the limitations of your current class?  We might be able to help you!
The season of Winter spells will soon be in full swing! Starting from Tuesday the 16th of December, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful and magical world of Kwismas.
Christmas Booster Pack Bundles Shop - December 12, 2014
Save up to 40% this holiday season with these special Booster Pack bundles!
Wakfu Costume Sale! Shop - December 10, 2014
This is good.  The other choice was to stitch a suit together with some Infected Fuw, with some Cloudy Cover lining, and maybe a gobbow tie.  Gobbow ties are cool...
Sidekick: Krosmoglob Sale! Shop - December 10, 2014
It's not a KrosmoGLOBE, it's a KrosmoGLOB...  It's more like an interdimensional ball of windy-watery... stuff...on sale!
Children of the God-King Info - December 09, 2014
Discover the content available on the 9th of December, the God's Children has come out to play
A new soul kicks into the fray of adventuring with her miasmatic attacks, your can be sure your opponents will not see what hit them when their internal organs start to fail.