Inglourious Riktus
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All adventurers are hereby ordered to report for conscription into their respective Nation’s Militia army.
It's dangerous to go alone! Take these with you
SHOP: Jewels are Forever! Shop - November 11, 2014
Whoever said Love is everlasting, has never had Jewels or Diamonds!
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Psst…Hey you, looking for some extra boost to your already boosted boost? I got something you might be interested in
Oh no, this is horrible...this is horrible! Corvun is coming. Corvun is coming!
Ride the steed of bones! Shop - November 04, 2014
Fear the curse of the undead dragoturkey! Or maybe …it just looks like a wicked mount! The Al Howin Harness is a limited mount skin available for the Drago-steed only purchasable this Al Howin
PAX Aus,Here we come! Event - October 30, 2014
Take heed adventurers! With fun activities come ludicrous prizes and MOL cards grant prizes as well.
Gotta Gild Them All!! Shop - October 28, 2014
Have you gotten your gilded version of the WAKFU pets or missing one for the collection? Here is your chance to obtain all of them for a limited time only.