Inglourious Riktus
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Let me make you an offer you cannot refuse, or maybe Shak Shaka has something to say about imitating his royal costume.
A NEW BEGINNING FOR WAKFU! Info - September 19, 2014
After a  Steam Closed Beta lasting over a month, WAKFU finally opens up to all Steam users! It's also the right moment for new players to start their adventures in the World of Twelve! Now you are able to link your Steam account with your Ankama account and play! Fight your enemies, defend your nation in this new phase of WAKFU, but be prepared for what may come your way!
Booster & Hammer Promotion! Event - September 12, 2014
Only this week, you get alot of extra stuff when you purchase the 7Day or 30Day booster pack and Hammers! Did I only say this week? Yes! Only this weekend 13 and 14 September 2014 will this Promotion be applicable.
Of Guards and Riktus Info - September 09, 2014
Rally for Country and Duty or just to destroy it, whichever you like.

A new nation called the Riktus Clan has emerged in the land led by Baddoboss of the Petty clan Riktus, they have planned a devious scheme for World Domination. Are you with them or will you fight against them?
Ready to troll…? I mean roll? It would be pretty hard to for your friends to take you seriously while donning on the Mascot Costume, or probably fans of another team will be chasing you down.
MOL Prize Giveaway! Event - September 03, 2014
MOL Prize Giveaway is here! Reload your Ogrines via MOL and stand a chance to win sweet prizes!


As a saying "Your outfit gives you power", well it's time to dress up like a ninja and start a hardcore pakour video!
Golden Pet Rewards! Community - September 02, 2014
Cute and lovely to cuddle! The Golden Young Wild Sow will be available for adventurers especially those whom have a major focus in water and air elemental spells.