Time to hone those creative skills this Year of the Gobball!
Lunar New Year Lucky Draw! Event - January 30, 2015
Get a chance to win a Krosmaster Arena Boardgame!
Event: Calling for a Cull Event - January 30, 2015
Mischievous little Meridias, Koppapi and Krala, are invading your weekend to multiply pests, rodents and fluffy little Gobballs. On Saturday 31st of January to Sunday the 1st February, heroes will enjoy a bonus of 50% Combat XP in select dungeons and a +30% Crafting XP bonus!
As you explore the second area of Xelorium, the time has come to reveal the big originality of its main quest! Once again, you will have to make a choice in WAKFU. Choosing a weapon? No… Not quite but close... And even better! At the end, there will be two Sidekicks but there can be only one left: which one will you choose?
Profess your love to GM Yuna this season of hearts~
Year of the Gobball! Shop - January 20, 2015
Get Gobbly this January! Baa!  Baa!!!
Those who have ventured to Srambad know him as the one leading the chase on the Dimensional Voyagers. But who – or what is this dark being? Want to find out? Well, why not listen to a dishonest citizen of Srambad speaking about the leader of the Malicious Militia?
Double Combat EXP Weekend Event - January 14, 2015
Combat EXP X2!  X-cellent!